The three wait!  There's four!  

There are many secrets of success.  Some work better for some people than others.  The 4 Cards are a tool that helps while you make them and help ever more when you use them.  Make yourself a set of these cards and enjoy the results!

Directions:  Get four 3” x 5” index cards.  If you’re someone who likes bright colors, make each one a different color.  

Card #1 – Write on the top of the card “Top Ten Things that Make Me Laugh Out Loud”.  Then number one to ten and write the key words that remind you of very funny situations.  Be as specific as you can.  You should just be able to read the words and begin laughing or at least smiling.

Card #2 – Top Ten Things I’m Grateful For.  List all the things big and small that you’re grateful for.

Card #3 – Top Ten Things that Change How I Feel for the Better.  List things that make you feel better that are also good for you.  Things on this list might include talking to a specific friend, a certain song, taking a drive, or for me going to the water. 

There are other things that change how you feel instantly – a drag on a cigarette, an alcoholic drink, drugs, overeating – but these things do not provide a positive change in your state that lasts and for the most part are not healthy or beneficial to your body. When the effect of these wears off, the problem that you were looking to seek relief from is often still there.

Card #4 – Top Ten Things I Could Do to Help Someone Else.  List who you could do something for and what you could do.  According to author Wayne Dyer, when you do an act of kindness for someone else, your level of serotonin rises and you feel much better.  The same applies for the person you did the kindness for.  Research shows that it also applies to anyone who witnessed the act of kindness.  So if you’re feeling sorry for yourself or are not in a great mood, do an act of kindness for someone and you’ll begin to feel better whether the person responds the way you expected them to or not.  Who could you help today?





Put these cards in a place where you can get to them on a regular basis – your wallet, a pocketbook, in your car, in your book bag, or near your computer. 

 In stressful times, take a card out and read what you wrote.  Allow yourself a minute to go back to why you wrote the words you did and you’ll begin to feel much better.



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