The issues...and the strategies to help solve them
“Many receive advice.  Only the wise profit by it.”  Publilius Syrus

These strategies are based on cutting edge research as well as real-life experience with thousands of teens.  
Many of these strategies look way too simple to work....but they do as evidenced by the
many people who have successfully improved their lives with them. 
Our advice?  Keep an open mind and give them a try.
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Breathing for stress relief


Questions vs. Statements


"What else could it mean?"



 Knowing your learning style...for school, work...and dating


Why you can't look like the models
on magazine covers


How to make decisions without losing your mind in the process 


Self to truly get and keep it


Driving for fun...and safety


Yes, it can happen to you


Don't believe everything you see


The blame game 


The 4 cards


Test taking strategies that really work



The words you use DO make a difference

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