The blame game  

We humans are big on blaming someone else when things go wrong.  Homework not done on time?  "The dog ate it!"  Chores not done at home? It wasn't your turn to do them!  Right front fender dented?  "I wasn't the last person to use the car!"

While all those statements may be true, chances are we've all been int he situation where we blamed someone else for something we did or should have done.  Why?  And what effect does blaming have on us, if any?

When we blame, it may look like we take a stress-free way out of the situation but what happens instead is that what could be a quick admission turns into a long, drawn out battle with parents, teachers, or whoever the problem is with.  We argue, we get emotional, and we often end up in more trouble than if we had taken responsibility in the first place.

Instead of blaming, try taking responsibility for your actions.  Own up, be adult about it (although some adults are the worst offenders!)



Who's to blame?  Honestly, almost nobody is to blame. That's because almost nobody wishes you till, even if they were curt with you, careless with your possessions or impatient with you in traffic.

Most people are simply doing what you are doing...trying to get their business done and thinking about the next thing they need to do.  They don't really wish you ill, nor do they wish you well.  They are just too busy with their own affairs. 

Who's to blame?  Only the person who wastes his or her energy finding blame.

(Taken from the Daily Dose of David Leonhardt, The Happy Guy.  Check him out here.)



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