How to make decisions without losing your mind in the process  

Everyone seems to be agonizing over making decisions.  Call him or wait til he calls me?  Which car should I get?  Try out or wait for next year?  So many choices in life.  So many decisions to make.  But which choices are the right ones?

The trouble with choices is that often one is not really that much better than the other.  There's no clear cut winner.  So how to decide?

 For those things that are not life changing, sometimes all we need to do is pick one.   Soup or sandwich?  Pick one...and enjoy it.  Can't decide even now...have the soup.  Both items are  probably nutritious so just pick and get the indecision over with.

The really big decisions take more thought.  The first thing is to be sure you have all the information you need to make a wise decision.  It's hard to decide if one college is better than another or if one car should get your vote if you really don't know much.  You need details...the sooner the better.

If you're the kind of person who likes to make lists, this is the perfect time - pro's and con's, yes versus no, whatever works for you.  Not a bad idea because it allows you to see all the pluses and minuses in one place.  If you're not a list type, get all the information together and read it over. Get comfortable with the details.  Then what?

When one of the choices has much more going for it than the other or has more important points in its favor, then making the decision is easy.  That's the one.  When they're close - when there really is no big difference between the two choices, the way to decide is to do like we do for the easy decisions we talked about above.  Pick one and then put all your energy and thoughts towards making that choice a reality.

Pick that school, that car, that cell phone and put all your mental energy into enjoying that choice.  Put the other choices out of your mind.  Don't second guess yourself.  That's where the stress comes in.  Should I?  What would if have been like if?  Unless you really believe that the other choice was better AND you can go back to it in a stress-free manner, don't waste time in what-ifs.  Here's an example of that.

I just spent a bunch of time checking out all the details for my new cell.  I wanted an iPhone but everyone told me that AT&T couldn't handle it.  I wanted internet, a keyboard to text.  I got a Droid...and although it's a bit heavier than I'd like, although it's not as beautiful as the iPhone, although I can't get the cover I'd like because they don't make them for this's mine and other than to write this, I'm done thinking about whether or not I made the right decision.  It's mine now for at least 2 years and that's that.  Why waste another thought on what if's?  Who cares?  I made a decision and now it's time to think about something else!

We are lucky.  We get to decide how our life unfolds.  We even get to decide what to think every minute of every day.  If regret for a decision pops in our heads, all we have to do is either make a change or realize that the choice we made actually is just fine. 















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