Don't believe everything you see  

We live in a crazy world overloaded with information from every direction - web, TV, phones.  Is it all true?  What's real and what's made up?  Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.

Tabloid magazines and TV shows are filled with celebrity gossip which is often not true.  Once upon a time, newspapers wouldn't print a story or it couldn't be broadcast on TV unless it was verified to be true by several reliable sources.  Now anyone can put up a web site or blog and say anything they want.  We have to be very careful not to believe something just because we heard it or read it online.  Think how easy it is for someone to say something about us on Facebook or to text it.  They can trash talk us with total lies.   Doesn't have to be's just out there. 

We don't want someone to believe lies about us online so we have to be careful to do the same not only with what people we know put out there but what the media sends out too.  How do we believe anything?  We have to look to people and sources we trust.  How many times have the tabloids been wrong? why trust them?  Find other places to get your celeb news.

The other part of not believing everything you see can keep you less stressed.  When people talk, they only share how they see things and how they view the world is colored by their beliefs and experiences.  There was an old phrase that people used "consider the source" which referred to knowing who the info came from.    Here's an example.  A relative was  recovering from an illness in a rehab recently.  The state health board stopped by for a surprise visit and chose him to interview.  Big mistake.  Despite the fact that it's a great facility with competent, friendly people, they had chosen to ask a person who's cranky on the best days, never mind after being there for weeks.  I bet they got an earful of everything that's wrong.  That person will make a judgment about that place based on the unhappy person they chose to interview.

The bottom line for both of these issues is to understand where the information comes from.  Just because you read it online or hear someone say something or see it on TV, don't believe it's true....unless you trust where the information came from. 

And keep in mind that way you say and put out there is based on your beliefs and experiences too!  If you want people to take you at your word, develop the habit of being genuine and speaking the truth





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