Driving for fun...and safety  

Getting a license is one the greatest things that can happen.  To be able to borrow your parent's car and go where you want sure beats bumming rides from friends or having your parents take you everywhere.  The freedom is incredible.

But driving is also a huge responsibility which we can't take too lightly.  A car is a few thousand pounds of metal and other various materials hurtling forward at great speeds.  Done irresponsibly, it can hurt or even kill you, your friends or someone you don't even know.

We live in a very distracted time with most of trying to do many things at once.  Boring class or family dinner?  We text our misery to friends.  We multitask everything.  But driving shouldn't be multitasked.   Driving needs to be focused because things happen around us that aren't within our control.  People pull out in front of us out of nowhere, roads can become suddenly slippery, cars can break down without warning.  We have to be on our toes to handle whatever comes up.

But what do we do while driving these days?  Eat, drink, talk on the phone, change the music, put on make-up and a whole lot of other things we shouldn't be doing while speeding along at 50 miles an hour or more.  All of these activities have slowly crept into our driving lives and now seem normal.  But are they smart?  Let's see.

Imagine if we did all those things  listed above while doing some other activities - like skiing, skateboarding, shooting a hoop, leading a cheer, playing an instrument, acting onstage.  Now picture yourself doing that activity while doing what people do these days while they're driving - texting, eating, talking on the phone...you get the idea.   Would you lose your concentration?  Fall?  Hurt yourself?  Look stupid?  Probably all of the above.  But you most likely wouldn't get killed or kill someone else like you could while driving.

We all think it would be stupid to talk on the cell while snowboarding or playing in a band or in the middle of flipping a fellow cheerleader.  But no one thinks it's stupid while driving.  Makes no sense when you really think about it.  But since so many people do it, we think it's normal and even safe.  

Driving is great fun and incredible freedom but it should always be treated like the privilege and challenge it is.  Drive safe...and always, always, watch out for everyone else.



Why Flying is Safer
than Driving
What you can learn about
driving from a pilot

I'm a licensed pilot.  One of the things they teach you when you're learning to fly is something all drivers should know.  Your main job is to fly the plane.  Huh?  That seems obvious.

Here's what they mean by that.  Things happen when you're flying just like things happen when you're driving. In a plane, you could drop something or the door to the plane could pop open like mine did at 3000 feet over the water one day or someone could be talking to you and distracting you.  A pilot knows these 3 words:

  • Aviate (focus on flying the plane)

  • Navigate (figure out where you are and where you're gong)

  • Communicate (talk to the control tower)

Nothing is more important than flying the plane.  Talking can wait.  Figuring out where you are can wait. Fly the plane. 

Imagine if all drivers did the same?  We'd have a lot fewer accidents because then they'd be focused on driving rather than all the other distractions.  And drivers have a lot more external distractions to worry about.  In the air we don't have to worry about people pulling out in front of us or potholes!




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