Learning Styles Survey  

This survey can be found in the book Connections by Sharon K. Ferrett, PH.D

This test shows three of the most commonly described styles Ė visual, auditory and kinesthetic.  For each of these, decide if itís:

3) Most like you     2) Sometimes like you    1) Least like you

1.       I learn best when I see information

2.       I learn best when I hear information

3.       I learn best when I have hands on experience

4.       I like pictures and illustrations

5.       I like to listen to CDís and hear stories

6.       I like working with people and going on field trips

7.       I love books, pictures and puzzles

8.       I enjoy listening to music for pleasure

9.       I enjoy sports or gardening for pleasure

10.    A good textbook and visual aids are important to me

11.    I learn best in class when hearing, rather than reading

12.    I learn best when I can take objects apart and put them back

13.    I remember what I see better than what I hear

14.    I remember best when I recite information

15.    I learn best by doing, working on models or gathering samples

16.    I have a strong fashion sense and pay attention to details

17.    I am talkative and love to tell jokes and stories

18.    I use a lot of gestures, am well coordinated and like activity

19.    My room is generally neat and visually attractive

20.    My room is generally messy and disorganized

21.    I donít spend much time sitting in one place to study

22.    I like logical and rational thinking

23.    I like creative and open-ended thinking

24.    I learn best when itís quiet and organized

25.    I learn best when there is music

26.    I learn best when there is action and physical activity

27.    I like structure and work steadily at completing projects

28.    I like flexibility and often procrastinate

29.    I like to break problems down and solve them in small steps

30.    I like to look at the big picture


Add up your score.  The highest total indicates your predominate style.

Total your answers to 1,4,7,10,13,16,19, 24                   Visual ___________

Total your answers to 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20, 25             Auditory _________

Total your answers to 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 26             Kinesthetic _______

Total your answers to 19, 22, 24, 27, 29                          Left Brain ________

Total your answers to 20, 23, 25, 28, 30                           Right Brain _______


My primary learning style is ____________

My primary brain dominance is ____________

So what do your results mean?

If you're primarily visual - you learn best by seeing.  So these statements work for you:

  • Reading, taking notes, and drawing pictures are your best ways to learn

  • You're the person who wants to 'see' results

  • People say to you, "What do I have to do?  Draw you a picture?"

  • In relationships, you feel loved and appreciated when someone shows you how they feel by sending you a card, giving you a gift or doing something for you

  • You probably talk quickly moving your hands a lot which allows you to 'see' yourself speak

If you're primarily auditory, you learn best by hearing.

  • Saying what you need to learn out loud or hearing it is your best way to learn

  • Have someone quiz you out loud to help you learn

  • Say things over and over again out loud to remember

  • Tape what you have to learn and play it over and over

  • You are probably the kind of person who enjoys making noise such as tapping or has music on constantly.

  • You probably enjoy talking on the phone

  • In relationships, you feel loved and appreciated when someone tells you how they feel.

If you're primarily kinesthetic, you learn best by doing

  • You enjoy taking things apart and putting them back together

  • You have trouble sitting still when in a structured classroom setting

  • You learn by picking things up and examining them

  • Your best way to learn is to incorporate movement in your learning

  • In relationships, you feel loved and appreciated when someone touches you with affection

  • For a fun way to study for a short quiz or test, check out the Origami Fortune Teller

If you're primarily left brained, you tend to be more logical and methodical.  As a school student, you are probably more comfortable and proficient in math and science. 

If you're primarily right brained, you tend to me more creative and free thinking.  As a school student, you are probably more comfortable in the arts, English and history.

You may find yourself fairly balanced in both sides of the brain. 

One strategy to free up your right brain when you need to be creative is to get the left brain busy.  Driving is one way to do that because you need your logical side to drive.  You may notice that the creative ideas flow when you drive because of this.



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