Extremely short true stories by teens
who used these strategies

I Believe I Deserve Better

The Road Test

You Almost Hit My Car

My First Day of High School

Dealing with Parents

Black Belt

My Boyfriend's Late

The End of Mr. Negative

How I Quit Smoking

The Driving Test

The Dance Teacher

Getting Through Senior Year

Hard to Go to School

A Valentine Day's Surprise

Getting Along With My Boyfriend

My Boyfriend's Brain Surgery


Losing a Loved One

Dealing with My Girlfriend

The Break-up

My Little Sister

Senior Grades

Pulled Over for Speeding

The Soccer Game

Thinking Out of the Box

How I Created My Bank

Overcoming Procrastination

My Horse and Me

The Ultimate Success Formula

My Battle with an Illness

How I Aced the SAT's

Overcoming Shyness

Surviving Tryouts




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