Black Belt


The biggest challenge in my life was the test for my black belt. I had four months to train physically. We also had to train mentally by studying the history of my karate school and writing twenty-two essays.

I did the physical training but held off the mental work.  I convinced myself that I couldn’t do it, that I didn’t have time to write all the essays. I did not tell anyone that I was training.  I intended to wait until the next testing. When I did tell them, it was two weeks before the test.  My instructors and my friends convinced me I could write all the essays in that short time span, all while doing school, track, jazz band and the physical training of karate.

I changed from saying, “I can’t” to saying, “I can”. Once I changed that simple word, it changed my attitude and belief. I spent all my time in those two weeks to write more than 120 pages of essay work. I believed and I achieved. I decided I would go on to the three days of my black belt test.

 I passed and earned my black belt after eight years of training. All it takes is a decision with a positive attitude. I’m proof that changing one word can change your whole life.

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