Getting Along With My Boyfriend


What Iíve learned has helped me when I was arguing with my boyfriend.  I wanted to stop fighting over the littlest things.  The fights were mostly my fault, flipping out over the dumbest things and making them seem bigger than they really were. 

 Iíve learned now to relieve my stress and frustration.  When Iím about to argue, I think before I act, breathe and say something positive instead of negative.  By switching things around I avoid conflict and headaches.  Now my boyfriend and I hardly fight and are having a much better relationship.

 At first I thought these techniques were crazy and wouldnít work.  They sounded too simple.  Then I figured it was worth a shot and it wouldnít hurt me to try.  Now that I found out that these methods work, I use them all the time and Iím much happier now.


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