Getting Through Senior Year


I am now a senior in high school and it just feels like Iím never going to get out of  school.  Except thereís one thing thatís different this year.  I got to learn some strategies for life. They help  me get through the rest of the day knowing something good will come out of this hard workógraduation.

Hereís a strategy that might make high school  a lot easier.  Itís called The 4 Power Questions.

 1) Whatís good about this?

 2) What could be good about this?

 3) What can I do to make it better

 4) What can I do to make it fun? 

These are the questions you might ask yourself when youíre doing something youíre not really interested in.  You may not believe it when I say it but asking yourself these questions makes you focus on all the positive things in the activity which makes you more motivated.  This feels much better than just complaining about everything.  And it makes you stay focused.

These questions have worked for me in many different situations and itís what I keep doing to get through the last couple of months of high school.


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