Hard to Go to School?


Is it hard for you to wake up early in the morning and get to school?  We start at 7:15.  just having to be here everyday is hard enough, right?

Nobody knows better than I how hard it is to go to school everyday.  Iím in my 5th year of high school, a second time senior.   It was just so hard for me to wake up early everyday and get to school.  But Iíve learned strategies that have helped me with my problem. The one I use for this situation is to ask myself the question, ďWhatís good about this?Ē  

Everyday I think whatís good about that particular school day.  I find something I like about that day and that motivates me to go to school.  Rather than being miserable because itís ďCĒ day or ďGĒ day of the schedule, I now have something I like about each day in the cycle.  And if I have a day thatís not as good as the others, thatís the day I plan to meet some friends after school.  No matter what day it is, thereís already something good about it.

I also have a list of my goals hanging on my wall.  One of my goals is to graduate.  Every morning when I see that, it motivates me to accomplish that goal. 


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