How I Quit Smoking


A little over a year ago I randomly began to share a cigarette with my best friend here and there.  After a while I was no longer sharing a cigarette, I was asking them for one.  I still wasn’t smoking half a pack but it wasn’t long till I began to buy my own packs.  That was when I no longer only smoked socially but by myself, on my own.  For a year I smoked until I began to feel awful.  I had a terrible cough over a long period of time and most of the time felt just horrible.  If you think about the ingredients a cigarette contains, it is truly disgusting,

I decided to quit.  I grabbed a pack of gum and told myself, “I quit!!”   It’s been over a month that I have been smoke-free.  I believe it was the power of words that convinced me to not smoke again.  When most people try to stop smoking they say, “I’m quitting” which means they’re still smoking.   Quitting – “ing” means “still”. If you say, “I quit”, you’re done.  It means you don’t smoke.  Also when you say “I quit” you don’t confuse your mind; you tell it the truth.   I also envisioned myself not smoking and being healthier.

The power of words is what helped me to succeed and can help you.  If you want to be smoke-free, remember to say, “I quit”!

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Is today the day? 
 Well is it?





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