How I Aced the SATís


 It was about two months into my senior year.  I had already taken the SATís once but was not fully satisfied with my score.  I knew that if I used the strategies I had learned I could achieve a better score.  I signed myself up for the next SAT test and began to prepare myself.  I continued to focus on the SATís and I also pictured myself full of energy the morning of the test.

 I also used the Ultimate Success Formula

1) Know what you want Ė I knew that I wanted to get a better score

2) Know why you want it Ė I knew I wanted a better score so I could into a good college

3) Take massive action- I began to study more and more and remained focused on doing better

4)  Check how youíre doing Ė I took pretests  to see how ready I was for the real test

5) Make changes Ė If I didnít do well on one particular section of the pretest, I studied that subject more

Finally on the day of the test, I was so focused and prepared that I attained my goal and scored higher than the previous time.


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