My Battle With an Illness


 There have been many times in my life when stumbling stones stood in my path.  Often times getting through the day with a smile rather than simple survival depends on knowing some strategies.

 One of my most important triumphs is overcoming my depression.  I was always in a rush to be better and finally wanted to be on stable ground. The work involved in counseling, keeping school together and getting on to a new medication seemed a constant battle. 

 But in the back of my mind, surviving depression was all about the Ultimate Success Formula.  I knew that I wanted to be better and get to a healthier place. When I hit the point that I knew wanted to get better, I began a slow but steady track to a good place.  I had to realize that what I wanted in life was all there ahead of me.  Knowing this was most important of all. 

One of the steps of the Ultimate Success Formula is to take massive action.  My massive action was to take the medication I had been prescribed to take.  Also to push myself to stay true to honesty and my new good habits. It was and still is a daily journey one of taking actions and making corrections if needed.  It was about letting people help me and finally helping myself.

Simple strategies not only make the days easier but also clearer.  Understanding why we do and need the things we do is more than half the battle.  I fight the good fight for life and for love.


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