My boyfriend’s brain surgery


 So you want me to write a story telling you how and when I use my strategies.  That’s hard because I use them everyday and for everything I do.  I’ve used strategies in everything from getting my teeth cleaned (uh, I hate that) to dealing with a friend’s battle with a brain tumor.  You see, what many adults fail to realize is how challenging life can be for us teens.  Between school, friends, a job, after school activities, boyfriends, girlfriends, college, and so on, life can get overwhelming! 

The strategies I’ve learned have helped me better understand others as well as myself.  In my freshman year, (I am now about to graduate) my boyfriend at the time was diagnosed with a non-cancerous cyst on his brain.  He had two options: go for surgery that he may not make it through or have a shunt put in his back.  (A shunt is a tube that would allow for his spinal fluid to flow the way it needed to).  He opted for the high risk surgery.  I was devastated.  All I thought was “What if he dies?” “What could go wrong?”, “What if he ends up with brain damage?”

I went to my Strategies for Success teacher for help.  She encouraged me to use every possible technique I knew to stay strong because my boyfriend needed me to be.  I thought “strategies?! Strategies?!  My boyfriend might die and all you can say is use my “strategies”??  Luckily, after calming down using my breathing skills I began to think about the strategies I knew.  I wrote out a plan that I would use the day of surgery.

 The day of surgery I kissed my boyfriend Scott “good-bye” and told him that I knew he’d be fine.  During the six hours I waited in the waiting room, I used my visualization strategy.  I pictured Scott being fine after surgery.  It was better than picturing everything that could go wrong.  I kept breathing using the methods my Strategies teacher had taught me. 

I tried another technique that I had once heard about.  It wasn’t from Strategies class.  I wasn’t sure where I had heard of it but I was willing to try anything that might help. I “sent” Scott all the good, strong, and positive, energy I could and was assured he would be fine.  Thankfully, Scott made it without any complications. 

Some of you may think that me sending energy and visualizing his recovery wouldn’t do a thing.  That may be so.  However, he had a 75% chance of memory loss or other types of brain damage and he was perfectly fine.  Even if my strategies didn’t help him get through it, they helped me.  I don’t know how I could have made it through all that without them.  Please, learn and use strategies.  They help you in more ways that you know. 


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