My First Day of High School


 My first day of freshman year…wow! My heart pounded.  I was sweating and my hair was a mess because of the rain. My day was already horrible. All the freshmen were instructed to go to the auditorium.  As if we weren’t stressed enough, one of the staff members came in and started talking to us about high school.  She made it seem like the next four years were going to be the worst experience of my life.  It felt as if she had taken two tons of bricks and dropped them on my shoulder.  I really wish I had known some strategies then. 

The strategy I would have used was to breathe.  Whenever you are in a situation that is unsettling or really stressful, all you have to do is breathe.  It calms you down and clears your head.  You are bringing much needed oxygen to the brain.  I am constantly using this method.  It is a life saver!

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