Overcoming Procrastination


 I always used to wait until the last minute to do a paper or project and then would  rush to get it done.  I knew it would not be the best of my work because it was so rushed.

Then I started to use the procrastination strategy and when an assignment is given, you start it that day or night.  The strategy is to basically set a timer for yourself for whatever time you want.  It could be 15 minutes or it could be an hour.  You promise yourself that youíll quit when the timer goes off.  But the funny thing is that you donít quit.  Once youíve already started, you usually finish it. 

 Now I start to do my assignments the night they are assigned.  I do not rush at the end and I know that I  did my best and I did it the way  I was supposed to.  Now Iím doing much better!

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