Pulled Over for Speeding


 It was April 2004 and I was driving home when I saw flashing lights.  As I moved to the right lane, I was thinking about what I was going to do that night with my friends. When I came to a stop, I realized I was getting pulled over.  The cop was not trying to pass me.

As he approached my car, I knew it was because I was speeding but I also knew I was only going to get a warning because I wasn’t going that fast.  I was going with the flow of traffic but I was the weak one of the herd.  I was the one that got picked out.

 While the police officer was in his car, I visualized myself getting a warning and going on my way.  Normally I would have panicked and cried but not with my new strategies.  Whether I got a ticket or not, at least I was calm while I sat there and waited. 

Oh by the way….I didn’t get that ticket!


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