Senior Grades


Since that this is my senior year I wanted to do exceptionally well on my report card. I finished first quarter with grades in the high 80ís and low 90ís.  When the second quarter was finished I was once again proud especially since I raised all my grades by two points. It may not be much but I didnít drop as some others did.

Senioritis is a disease that hits many seniors.  Some students are known to stop trying and stop working in the third quarter which results in low grades. Since I was aware of this and wanted to keep my averages I continued to work hard.  I also used the power of vision to help. To do this I envisioned myself doing exceptionally well and being proud of myself.  I continued to work hard so that what I envisioned would come true.

When the third quarter grades arrived, I heard many complaints from my senior peers. When I received my grades, I was ecstatic to see that my grades had lowered just 2 points leaving me where I was first quarter.  I was also in shock because this was the first year I did well in the third quarter.

All students should be aware that your high school transcripts may be used years from now when applying for a job. Sounds weird but I think what they really want to see is if you held out and finished well. The person who completed senior year without dropping a lot in their grades may be offered the job before the slacker.  Itís showing your character. I am now using the power of vision and continuing to work hard to receive the same results for fourth quarter so I can end my senior year successfully.


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