The Break Up


 My boyfriend had just broken up with me because he had to go home to New York.  It was due to financial issues, which meant that the other people living with him (who are my friends) would have to go back to their homes as well. I was crushed emotionally.  To make things worse, I had found out my now ex-boyfriend had lied to me numerous times. That hurt me even more.

I moped around the house for about a week or more, thinking of all the negative things about the situation. I realized at one point that I didnít want to feel how I was feeling.  I didnít want to be sad anymore. So I used the four Power Questions.

  • Whatís good about this?
    Well, I wonít have to see or come in contact with my ex-boyfriend.

  • What could be good about this?
    My friends may be able to come back to Rhode Island after saving some money.

  • What can I do to make it good?
    I can go visit them by taking a bus or having my other friends or parents bring me.

  • What can I do to make it fun?
    I can write letters, talk to them on the phone or over the computers,

After answering those questions, I felt better.  On top of that, I pictured myself being happy and doing well in school, because my school work had suffered from partying at my friendís house.  Here I am now, doing much better emotionally and Iím passing all of my classes.


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