The Dance Teacher


 A  year ago this March, one of the women closest to me, my dance teacher,  passed away.  I didnít know how to handle it.  I thought I would never get over it.  But then I remembered the breathing exercise.  It helps  in more ways than you might think.  I took a breath and as I did, I thought of all the good things my dance teacher taught me. I started to calm down and see that things were really going to be ok.

 Now, whenever I look back over the years when she was still with us, I no longer get teary.  I breathe and feel better.  All in all,  Iíve learned that something that seems so simple as breathing could help me through my dark moments.  Donít let the simplicity of the breathing exercise escape you.  The proof is when you try it because youíll see that it works.


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