The End of Mr. Negative


 The story I have is a good one.  It has romance, suspense, action, humor and a bit of the boring.  Ok, ok, it doesnít have any of that but it does have a good ending.

 At the beginning of taking the Strategies class, I was such a negative person.  If anything could go wrong, it would and it would happen to me.  But as I went through the class, I realized I could change that.  I could make the bad into good and the good into great.

 I was asked to write about a strategy that helped me in life so that my story might help someone else.  But it wasnít just one strategy; it was a whole class full of strategies.  Everything Iíve learned has made me better.  If it wasnít for the strategies I learned, Iíd still be Mr. Negative thinking I couldnít graduate.  Instead, Iím always positive and hyper all the time.


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