The Road Test  

I have used the breathing ratio right from the beginning.  I find it helps me focus on how I want things to turn out rather than on everything that could go wrong.  On the day of my road test, I was really nervous.  It was a week that it had snowed nonstop and I wasnít sure if my appointment would be cancelled.  In my Momís Jeep Grand Cherokee, we drove to the place where the test was held anyway

Earlier that week because of the snow and ice, my mother had skidded into a pole and had broken the tail light.  Between the weather and the broken tail light, I wasnít sure I was even going to be able to take the test.  When I got there a man came to my window and said he would be right back.  I had the chance to breathe.  Although I had been nervous, I calmed right down.

The driving examiner made me very comfortable during the test and I passed!  Iím very excited that I got my license and it was thanks to the breathing ratio!

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ďItís a funny thing about life. 
If you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often
get it.Ē     

Somerset Maugham




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