Thinking out of the Box


At this point in my life I can confidently say that Iím heading in the right direction.  For a while I was very confused and unsure about what the future had in store for me.  But after stumbling across an essential approach to living, I now realize how endless lifeís possibilities truly are.  Many have heard about the power of a positive mindset, but few realize that extent of its truth.  For too often we create walls and boundaries in our own minds that hold us back from ever reaching our fullest potential. 

Why donít I go to a great college?  Why donít I make it BIG out in the real world?  Why canít I be truly happy in life?  We canít see or touch these walls but indeed they are there impacting every aspect of our life. Whatís important to realize is that they only exist if we let them exist.  Itís all about your mindset!

 The day I realized this was truly a turning point for me.  I had just come back from a RI Student Council leadership conference, and was inspired by all the amazing things I learned.  Then I started thinking about our own student council and how much it was lacking.  I thought about my plans of running for parliamentarian, with the only reason being that I would surely run unopposed.  It wouldnít be the greatest job but I wanted to get involved as much as I could.

Thatís when it hit me!  Why not run for president?  Sure I would probably have to run against someone else but I could definitely do it if I worked hard enough!  It was at that moment when I finally broke down all the walls in my mind and found a sense of clarity.   If itís what I really want, then why not go for it?  Nothing can stop you from achieving greatness but yourself.  Step outside the box and start seeing things from your own perspective.  As the saying goes, ďDonít go with the flowÖ..You are the flow!Ē 


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