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 I used to hate taking tests.  I would study so much the night before but when I went to take the test, I would blank out.  I didnít know why but every time I had a test this would happen.  Then I learned how to breathe. Itís the 1:4:2 ratio.  You can use this method when you are stressed out when taking a test.

There is also another thing that can help you when youíre taking a test.  When you blank out, tell yourself that you will remember the answer in a minute. (Telling yourself that will help you remember what it is your had forgotten).  If you tell yourself you canít, then you wonít.  It really works.  I am doing very well on tests now.

Also, if you canít remember, find out where your eyes look when someone asks you a memory question. If you normally look up to the right when you remember, try looking up there when youíre stuck..  It worked for me!




Real Stories - Real Teens

I always choked on my history tests and I had one coming up.  I studied and studied.  When it was time for a test, I usually felt like I forgot everything.  But instead of panicking, I remembered a strategy that I had learned.  It was one specifically for test taking.  The technique was to tell yourself youíll remember the answer to the question in a minute rather than telling yourself that youíre going blank or that you donít know. 

 I used this and the strategy of looking where my memory is stored.  When I used these strategies, they worked. I remembered everything I needed.  Two days later when I got the test back, I had gotten a 95!  I was so happy and now I use those strategies every time I take a test or canít remember something.




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