Words Matter  

Does it matter what words we use?   Are we affected by words or are they meaningless?  There are two views on this.

The first says words don't really matter, that we give them too much power.  So what if we swear even if it's in front of a little kid or in the middle of a store?  They're just sounds, with no real meaning.

The other view is that they matter a great deal.   Otherwise why would we blush when someone says something that embarrasses us?  Those words must have had some meaning to us or we wouldn't have felt the flush on our cheeks.  Why swear at someone or insult them if we don't want to make them mad?  Why tell someone we love them if it's just a word with no meaning? 

Here are some very powerful life changing words/phrases.  See if you think these words matter.

  "I do."

  "I can't." 

  "Congratulations.  You're now a high school graduate."

  "You passed your driving test.  Here's your license!"

  "I'm sorry."

Each of those sentences means a great deal because of what's behind the words.  What we say and how we say it matters a great deal.  Choose your words, think of who's around you when you speak them.  





“Watch your thoughts because they become your words

Watch your words because they become your actions

Watch your actions because become your habits

Watch your habits because they become your character

Watch your character because that becomes your destiny."

Frank Outlaw



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