Yes, it can happen to you  

Part of being a teen is the feeling of invincibility.  You feel that nothing can hurt you - cigarettes, drinking or texting while driving, unwanted pregnancies, or illness.  But all of those things can happen and do on a daily basis to teens all over the world.

Watch the news, visit any local high school and you'll hear the terrible story of how someone died in a drunk driving accident.  Sadly, most teens have experienced the crushing pain of seeing a friend buried.  It's horribly tragic.  But many still feel like things like that can't happen to them.

I was one of the ones something happened to.  I had just turned 20 and was working part time at a grocery store to pay for college.  I had closed that night so I wasn't heading for home til about 10:30.  As I rounded a turn, the vision of  man looking right at me filled my windshield.   A second later, my big car hit him.  He flew into the air as I slammed on the brakes and was hit from three cars behind.  I got out of the car to find him crumpled on the roadway.   Shaken and scared, I turned and walked into the traffic.  Someone pulled me to safety but there's was nothing I could do to save the 83 year old man who lay dead before me.

It's many years later and I can see it in my mind like it was yesterday.  Someone called my father who appeared to help me get home.  The police were called, witnesses questioned.  I spent the next day at the police station and the next 6 months without a driver's license in that state.  Nothing was as bad as how that man's family must have felt to have their father, their grandfather not return home to them that night. 

It happened to me.  I still live with it despite the fact that I was proven innocent of all wrongdoing - I wasn't speeding, I was in the proper lane,  I hadn't been drinking or doing drugs and texting hadn't been invented yet.  Just minding my own business coming home after a long day at school and my part time job.

So what's the lesson here?  The strategy?  Think before you act because even when you're doing things right, things CAN happen.  The rest of the story is to not live in fear and to be sure to be grateful for every moment you have.






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